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Redbud & Co.: Our Manifesto

Today, we begin something new. We won't just build for building's sake. We will curate. We will create dynamic properties; either from scratch or by breathing new life into old bones. We will stitch together communities to lead neighbors back to neighborhoods - exchanging disjointed urban sprawl with vibrancy.

Our core values are Integrity, Education, Big-Sky Bet-the-Farm Thinking, and Community Engagement. Our integrity keeps us humble and always thinking about who is using our product. Education is key to integrate into every process; we not only want to blaze a new trail in urban development - we want to tell you exactly how we do it. Our Big-Sky thinking and Bet-the-Farm approach keep us accomplishing what others dream of. Our Community Engagement ensures that we develop with impact and train all of our team to be leaders in giving back to the communities we serve.

Our mission is not to own or build in isolation but to curate dynamic neighborhoods to create vibrant communities. Each project we look at has this aim in view. At each step along the way - from dream, to idea, to execution, to completion - we strive to answer the question: is this on mission?

We start with the hometown of our founders, Stillwater, Oklahoma. J. Bryson Baker and Jonathan Udoka were both raised in Stillwater, graduating from Oklahoma State University and have returned to build businesses, live, raise families, or otherwise push the boundaries of what this town can be. We're not waiting for someone someday to do something great. We're changing the world today. We'll take one step today, and tomorrow we'll take another. We'll fail quickly and often; and we'll get back up and do it better every time. We embrace the changing economy and welcome the challenge to build for tomorrow while protecting yesterday.

We're blessed to have today and we'll use every second of it. Come along, join in the fun, and let's start building.

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